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Blue Bengal Stripes Linen Shirt BD

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BD shirt is esencially a shirt with a button-down collar, where collar lapels are held down with small buttons. The BD shirts are typical for American Preppy style and loved around the world. In the US they are even worn with suits, while in Europe they are traditionally less formal.

Of course, the base of every BD shirt is the collar, which should have a special roll of lapels, allowing it to present great both with and without a tie. When designing our own button down collar, we have experimented with the lapels lenght and placement of the buttons to achieve perfection- just look how pretty it looks!

This shirt is made of very soft and elastic linen cloth, which makes it super comfortable and airy. The linen fabric is also very higroscopic, which comes handy in hot temperatures.

Made to Measure is in our DNA, and we used that knowledge and experience to develop our own ready to wear products. We have developed a unique shirt pattern for perfect fit and comfort. Our shirts have slightly longer sleeves and tighter cuff, so your shirt works in sync with your body. We also make them longer than usual, so they stay properly tucked in your trousers. We have also made the shoulder line a bit wider to better suit sporty silhouettes. All our shirts have darts to highlight slim waistlines.

100% linen
Made in Poland

Wash cold- we reccomend no more than 30 Celcius.

See size chart.

Rozmiar kołnierzyka

37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44


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