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Privacy Policy

This document constitutes an integral part of the Regulations of store.

  1. Data Controller

The Controller of personal data is MACARONI TOMATO Sp. z o.o. with its registered office, at Górnośląska 29, 00-432 Warsaw, Poland, Tax ID Number: NIP 7010339991, Business Registry Number: REGON 146095303, registered in the National Court Register (KRS), which conducts its business activities both via brick and mortar stores and via a webstore at As the entity responsible, MACARONI TOMATO Sp. z o.o. is available at the address details given below:

  • By postal mail at: Górnośląska 29, 00-432 Warsaw, Poland
  • By electronic mail at:
  • By phone at: +48 790 227 088

If a Client does not consent to the processing or use of his or her data in their entirety or part in relation to the possible individual activities by the Data Controller in line with these provisions on the protection of personal data, he or she (the Client) may state his or her objection by e-mail or postal letter, using the contact details provided above.

  1. Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data

Collection, processing and use of Personal Data by the Data Controller relates to material or personal circumstances of an identified or identifiable individual, required for the realization of an order or provision of a service. Such circumstances include, for example: name, surname, telephone number, address and all basic data provided by the Client in the course of creating an order or ordering a service.

  1. Purpose of Data Processing

Your personal data are processed by the Data Controller for different purposes, to different extents and on different legal bases, set forth in the GDPR. Some of examples of such processing include:

  • realization of an agreement
  • realization of all legally justified interests of the Data Controller
  • protection of the material interests of the person to whom the data pertains or a different natural person

processing of personal data for one or more purposes for which the consent of the person is required.


  1. Processing of Client’s Data

The Data Controller processes the Client’s data within the scope of realization of purchases, including the possible warranty proceedings, in order to realize its (Controller’s) services, to realize technical administration, for his own (Controller’s) marketing purposes and in order to prevent criminal offences and frauds. The user’s Personal Data are disclosed to third parties only if such disclosure is allowable by law, including disclosures required to realize an agreement or financial settlement, for marketing purposes or in case of prior approval by the user. For example, realization of the agreement requires disclosure to certain providers (e.g. courier, logistics company, banks) who receive the data necessary for realization of the order and the agreement. The data disclosed under such circumstances may only be used by providers in order to realize their individual obligations.

  1. Marketing

Direct marketing activities for own services and monitoring of service quality is possible only after obtaining CONSENT from a user. The consent defined in the previous sentence is voluntary and may be revoked at any time.

  1. Data Safety

The Data Controller undertakes to store the data safely.

The Data Controller undertakes to utilize technical and organizational measures that ensure data security, in specificity, by protecting data against disclosure to unauthorized parties.

  1. Right of Data Erasure

The Client may request erasure of his or her data that is processed by the Data Controller. Such a Client request shall be realized: if the Data Controller is not obliged to continue processing the data by law; if there is no legal requirement related to data that the Data Controller must realize; or if the Client’s data is not required to determine, investigate or defend against claims.

  1. Newsletter Service

The Newsletter service means sending information on the operation of the store by e-mail.

The Client’s consent to receive the Newsletter is voluntary.

The Client may consent to receiving the information included in the Newsletter by entering his or her email in the Newsletter field.

An e-mail message shall be sent to the indicated e-mail address, including confirmation of the Newsletter service and the following information: “If you wish to cancel your Newsletter”.

The Client may revoke his consent to the Newsletter by indicating such a request by e-mail or by changing his or her user account details.


  1. Cookie Files

Accepting Cookie Files is required for usage of our websites. If the User blocks Cookie Files, our website and portal will continue to function on the basis of limited functionalities.

Cookies used by the Data Controller include only pseudonymised data. When a Cookie File is activated it is assigned an ID number to which the Personal Data of the User are not assigned. The name, surname, IP address or similar User Data that enable direct assignment of a given cookie file to a given user are not written into the Cookie File. The Cookie File technology allows us to use pseudonymised data, e.g. which pages were visited and which products were viewed by a user.

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